Benefits of Global Connect

Why use our hosted communication platform? Choose your favorite reason.

It’s simple.

Since Global Connect is cloud-based, it’s easy to establish an account and begin conducting communication campaigns. Only a telephone or a web-enabled computer is required to obtain a user name and password. Once you establish your account, you can create a call group, record your message, and send the message at your convenience.

It’s economical.

With Global Connect, there are no set-up fees, no monthly or yearly maintenance charges, no hardware or software to purchase, no training or service fees, and no recording costs. The low average cost per call makes Global Connect an extremely cost-effective option for a communication campaign. In fact, Global Connect is so affordable that many companies take advantage of our web-based technology to avoid the expense of an auto dialer.

It’s efficient.

Global Connect can deliver your message immediately, at any time, from any location. Our “Direct Connect” feature allows your agents or operators to connect with the contact when it is advantageous for them to do so – and there is no increased rate for inbound “Direct Connect” calls. Global Connect’s detailed report structure offers instant access to information on your call delivery, allowing you to review and analyze the results of your campaign immediately.

It’s effective.

Global Connect reaches contacts quickly and encourages response. Hotel rooms are booked, and automobiles are sold. Debts are collected, and showrooms are filled. Parents are contacted with absent notices, and patients are reached with appointment reminders. The success stories are numerous, and the results are undeniable. Global Connect works.