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With GC1 Notify, you can contact thousands of customers and prospects within minutes with invitations to sales events, information on new model arrivals, recommended service visits, recall notices, special offers, and more. The cloud-based system allows your salespeople to send pre-recorded messages in their own voice, customizing each message with the contact’s name and other personalized information.

Use the simple Call List Segmentation feature to organize your contacts according to your preferred criteria, and tailor your offer according to demographic information, previous purchase history or other data. The system makes it easy to promote specific brands and models to customers who are most likely to buy them, while our Real-Time Reports allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of your call campaign and make the appropriate adjustments immediately.

From sending birthday messages to previous customers to contacting customers nearing the end of their lease terms, GC1 Notify can help you strengthen your customer relationships and drive traffic to your showroom and service department. Since the system requires no upfront expenditures, and no hardware or software purchases, it’s a no-risk, extremely cost-effective supplement to your existing direct marketing programs.

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When it comes to increasing website traffic, bringing people into showrooms, and generating service appointments, nothing compares to Global Connect’s GC1 Notify. We use the system to call previous customers for new model arrivals, service appointment reminders, and, when necessary, recall notices.

Usually, the more effective and targeted a marketing tool is, the more expensive it is, but in the case of GC1 Notify, it’s just the opposite. We generate call lists using our customer information and reach the people who are most likely to buy particular models at a particular time. By keeping track of our customers’ service histories and calling them each time they are due for an appointment, we’ve been able to increase the profit margin in our service department by 15%. We get great results – and we don’t spend a dime until we make a call.

Our salespeople love it, and our managers love it too. In fact, I think the only person who is not thrilled with GC1 Notify is our newspaper sales rep. Since the system is so effective, we’ve cut down on our advertising budget substantially, and our results have been better than ever.

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