For painless patient communication, use GC1 Notify.

From appointment reminders to notices of unpaid bills, GC1 Notify makes it easy for you and your staff to contact patients quickly and cost-effectively. The cloud-based system allows you to send pre-recorded messages in your own voice, customizing each message with the patient’s name and other personalized information.

Once your patient indicates whether he or she prefers contact via the telephone, email or text message, GC1 Notify can automatically send a message using the preferred method. With the click of a button, the patient can easily confirm the appointment, saving valuable staff time on the telephone and reducing the number of missed appointments.

GC1 Notify can help you improve your relationship with your patients, while increasing office efficiency. Since the system requires no upfront expenditures, and no hardware or software purchases, it’s a simple and economical way to improve patient satisfaction, as well as your bottom line.

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Before we discovered GC1 Notify, my staff spent an inordinate amount of time simply confirming appointments by telephone. Now, we use the automated system to send a confirmation message to dozens of patients each day. GC1 Notify personalizes the message to include each patient’s name, appointment date and time, and based on the patient’s preference, the system sends a telephone call, a text, an email, or a combination of messages.

When a patient is due for a follow-up visit or an annual check-up, GC1 Notify calls take the place of our previous method of contact by postcard, and the response rate has been impressive. Our billing department also makes use of the system for past due notices. Since it’s so easy and inexpensive to reach clients with payment reminders, we’ve managed to collect more unpaid bills and improve our bottom line substantially.

GC1 Notify has improved virtually every aspect of our office operation – scheduling, marketing and billing. It has been a genuine asset to our practice.


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