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GC1 Notify brings more to your bottom line.

With GC1 Notify, you can contact thousands of households within minutes, conducting fundraising campaigns, communicating with volunteers and supporters, sending invitations to upcoming events, and more. The cloud-based system allows you to send pre-recorded messages in your own voice, customizing each message with the contact’s name and other personalized information.

Use the simple Call List Segmentation feature to organize your contacts according to your preferred criteria, and tailor your call according to demographic information, past donation history, or other data. With our customized Real-Time Reports, it’s easy to evaluate the effectiveness of your call campaign and make the appropriate adjustments immediately.

From collecting donations to coordinating staff members and volunteers to work events, GC1 Notify can help you communicate more quickly and effectively. Since the system requires no upfront expenditures, and no hardware or software purchases, it’s a no-risk, extremely cost-effective supplement to your existing direct marketing programs.

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Like most non-profits, we’ve seen a decline in donations, along with an increase in demand for our help over the past few years. As we were exploring ways to “do more with less,” we found Global Connect’s GC1 Notify system. Since there was no equipment to buy, and no financial commitment, we decided to give the system a try. It was the best move we’ve ever made!

When we have a fundraiser, we use the GC1 Notify system to send reminders to our contact list, and that has increased attendance substantially. In some cases, we even use a combination of GC1 Notify calls and emails to replace expensive invitations and reduce costs. When we need volunteers or staff assistance, we can make one telephone call – not 50 – to request help. And when we’re seeking donations, our Executive Director can make a personal appeal, recorded in his own voice, for maximum impact and response.

Since we have such a small staff, we love the fact that the system is so easy to use, and requires only minutes to generate a call list, record and send a message. And since we spent no money on equipment or upfront costs, all of the increased revenue has gone straight to our bottom line. We recommend the system to anyone who needs to see results!

Director of Development, Nonprofit Organization

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