GC1 Notify gives candidates the edge.

Whether you’re an office-holder interested in gauging public opinion on a particular issue or a candidate who wants to increase voter turnout, Global Connect is the simplest, most economical and most effective means of reaching constituents and voters. With the unsurpassed speed and capacity offered by Global Connect, you can contact thousands of people within minutes.

Global Connect’s interactive keypad makes it easy for you to conduct polls and surveys, and easy for respondents to participate. Contacts simply press a button to indicate their opinion or preference, and the system produces real-time, detailed, customized reports that can be analyzed as the poll is taking place or downloaded for later analysis.

It’s easy to segment call lists, which means that you can call one set of contacts with requests for contributions, reach another group for volunteer requests, and contact another list with information on your candidate. You can generate customized contact lists by selecting voters of a certain age, income level, geographical region, or other characteristic that is likely to result in a vote.

When you need to ensure that voters reach the polls, Global Connect makes it easy for you to reach your contacts and track results. Our Direct Connect instant callback feature makes it easy for those who need transportation or other assistance to respond to your call with the push of a button.

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GC1 Notify is, without a doubt, the most effective way to contact voters and constituents. Since it’s so easy for call recipients to express their opinions with the press of a button, it’s an easy, extremely cost-effective way to conduct a poll in the months leading up to an election. The detailed polling reports tell me exactly which issues are most important as we shape our message and prepare our campaign materials.

On Election Day, I take advantage of the mapping feature to contact voters in the districts that are most likely to vote for my client. Not only can we remind those residents to vote, but we can also offer them the option to request transportation or other assistance with the Direct Connect instant callback feature. Since the system is cloud-based, I can make calls from any location. This is valuable when I’m travelling from district to district to visit polling locations; I can make calls to request volunteers for a particular location or to get out the vote in a certain neighborhood.

When I begin working with a candidate, making calls with Global Connect’s GC1 Notify is one of the first recommendations I make. Candidates usually assume that such a powerful and effective tool will be expensive, but when I explain to them that there are no upfront costs, that we pay only for the calls we make, and that the cost per call is incredibly reasonable, they agree with me immediately: GC1 Notify is a tool we cannot do without.

Political Consultant, NJ

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