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We take targeted marketing to a whole new level.

With GC1 Notify, you can contact thousands of customers within minutes, sending product and warranty information, delivery notification, announcements of sales and promotions, invitations to special events, and more. The cloud-based system allows you to send pre-recorded messages in your own voice, customizing each message with your contact’s name and other personalized information.

Use the simple Call List Segmentation feature to organize your contacts according to your preferred criteria, and tailor your offer according to demographic information, purchase history, or other data. With our customized Real-Time Reports, it’s easy to evaluate the effectiveness of your call campaign and make the appropriate adjustments immediately.

From contacting customers with marketing messages to reaching staff members and management with schedule changes and meeting notices, GC1 Notify can help you communicate more quickly and effectively. Since the system requires no upfront expenditures, and no hardware or software purchases, it’s a no-risk, extremely cost-effective supplement to your existing direct marketing programs.

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As a small boutique, we just can’t afford to compete with the advertising budgets of huge chains. Direct mail and newspaper ads are expensive, but we still need to let our customers know about our sales and new products. That’s where GC1 Notify comes in handy.

With the GC1 Notify system, we can let our entire contact list know about a sale within minutes. Since we know which customers prefer which brands, whenever we receive a new shipment of a particular line, we can design a custom list and make a targeted call to the right customers. We also like the fact that we can personalize a message with customer information. We can thank customers for their recent purchases, send them a birthday message or deliver an invitation to a store event.

Global Connect helped us set up the system, and they’re available for us whenever we have a question. It really is the most affordable and effective way for us to reach our customers!

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