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With GC1 Notify, you can contact thousands of households within minutes, sending service interruption notices, bill payment reminders, updates on repair progress, and more. The cloud-based system allows you to send pre-recorded messages in your own voice, customizing each message with your contact’s name and other personalized information.

Use the simple Call List Segmentation feature to organize your contacts according to due date, address, or other criteria, or rely on GC1 Notify’s Customized Mapping to easily create a call list of customers in a particular geographical region.

In the event of an emergency that affects service, GC1 Notify allows you to contact customers with estimated restart times. Since the system is 100% cloud-based, you have the ability to send messages at any time, from any location, while our customized Real-Time Reports tell you immediately which customers have received your message and which calls should be attempted again.

From contacting customers with important messages to reaching staff members and management, GC1 Notify helps you communicate quickly and easily. Since the system requires no upfront expenditures, and no hardware or software purchases, it’s as economical as it is effective.

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For both routine messages and emergency notifications, GC1 Notify has proven to be an invaluable tool. Rather than mailing past due notices, we can send telephone messages to delinquent customers, reminding them of their payment due and warning them of potential service shut-offs. Not only do we save money on postage and paper, but the personalization feature also allows us to include information such as the amount due and the payment deadline.

When outages occur, we use GC1 Notify to contact customers who have been affected. Within minutes, we can tell thousands of customers that we are working to rectify an outage in their area and send them periodic status reports. Since the system is cloud-based, we can record and send messages at any time, from any location, using only a cell phone.

Global Connect’s GC1 Notify system is the most efficient and effective way that we have found to communicate with customers. We rely on it so often that we can’t imagine working without it.

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