GC1 Peak Dialer

Where power and flexibility meet

The GC1 Peak Dialer is a 100% cloud-based hosted dialer platform designed to help accounts receivable management clients maximize productivity, effectiveness, security, compliance and return on investment.  With virtually unlimited calling capacity, the system combines the functionality of a premise-based dialer with the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of a cloud-based system.


Inbound & Outbound Call Blending
Using an automated call distributor (ACD), the dialer now allows clients to blend inbound and outbound calls into their call centers.
Call Transfer
Clients now have the ability to seek available agents, make a one-click transfer with call introduction, bridge the agents, and transfer them to an available supervisor or outside party.
Call Monitoring Module
With GC1 Peak Dialer, enhanced session recording allows supervisors to listen to agents, coach them through calls, and “barge” into calls when necessary.
Call Recording Search and Retrieval Mode
GC1 Peak Dialer’s User Interface allows for quality assurance, managers or other agency personnel to efficiently search for call recordings based on agent, time of day, broadcast, message type, and other criteria.
Easy Customization
The system offers custom and default settings for pacing algorithms, call hold queues, disposition codes, agent prioritization and call routing, and the customization of the debtor data that appears on the Agent Pop screen.
Automated Call List Regeneration
Administrators can set up predefined or ad hoc call list regeneration filters that can be based on call result as well as agent disposition code, allowing for more strategic dialing of unsettled accounts.
Skill-Based Routing
With its integrated ACD, GC1 Peak Dialer offers the ability to route calls to the correct agent, based on predefined account criteria and agent profiles. Whether clients use account number or language, inbound ANI or the integrated AVI to assist in routing calls, the system’s skill-based routing functionality will increase efficiency, reduce dropped calls, and improve the agent and debtor experience.
Inbound IVR
GC1 Peak Dialer’s automated IVR solution allows contacts to interact with the system easily and effectively. Questions can be answered, information retrieved, and payments received, all without the involvement of valuable agent time.
The security of the Global Connect system makes it easy to meet the strictest of privacy regulations, while embedded compliance features help clients abide by federal and state call restrictions.
SysTrust Certification
The SysTrust seal, awarded by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), attests that Global Connect’s systems and practices have been verified to be operating reliably with regard to information security, availability, processing integrity and confidentiality.
Secure Files Transfer and Storage
Secure storage and networking platforms in Global Connect’s United States and Canadian data centers allow clients to comply with applicable privacy laws.
Compliance Module
Set pre-defined 24, 48, and 72-hour call scrubs based on connected calls and allows the end user to set total number of attempts, call time curfews by state, and area code/zip code scrubs.
Call Attempt Counter
Exclude a particular number from the call lists once it has reached the maximum number of call attempts within a given time frame.
Agent User Interface/Screen Pop
A graphical interface with single click commands makes navigation seamless and intuitive.

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