GC1 Voice Messaging

For Performance, Productivity and Profit

Reach thousands of contacts within minutes using Global Connect’s cloud-based Voice Messaging System. Since there are no upfront fees, hardware or software expenses, Global Connect’s system offers a solution that is as economical as it is effective.


Custom Layered Messaging
With the touch of a button, the call recipient can answer questions and offer information. Based on the response, the system automatically directs the contact to the next appropriate question, creating a customized dialogue for each call recipient.
Personalize messages with the call recipient’s name and other relevant information using Global Connect’s text-to-speech option.
Talk-Off Recordings
The system easily records all calls, allowing you to search for and retrieve the recordings for quality assurance or training purposes.
Remote Access and Deployment
Using the web-based system, you have the ability to deploy a message at any time, from any location.  Only a telephone is required to record and send a message.
Online Real-Time Reporting
Global Connect’s state-of-the-art system offers detailed, customized, real-time reports, allowing you to evaluate and adjust your call strategy immediately.
Cell Phone Scrub
Free to all Global Connect users, the system’s cell phone scrub functionality removes ported cell phone numbers on a nightly basis and ensures compliance with Do Not Call restrictions.
Direct-Connect to a Call Center
Call recipients can easily contact back to your call center to ask questions, offer information, confirm an appointment or make a payment.
Dynamic Do Not Call List
Our state-of-the-art Do Not Call feature ensures that you are in compliance with current FCC regulations by continuously updating Do Not Call information within your contact list.
Schedule By Time Zone
There’s no need to account for time zone differences when scheduling calls. The system automatically determines the correct time zone for a particular contact number and ensures that each number is called at the desired time of day.
Software Integration
The system is designed to integrate seamlessly with your CRM and other software. Global Connect offers assistance with set-up and ongoing training at no extra charge.
Multi Lingual Messaging
The system provides translation for numerous languages. Whether you select the language based on your database or allow the call recipient to make a choice with the touch of a button, Global Connect ensures that your message is delivered in the appropriate language.
Caller ID Escalation
Increase the likelihood of a live answer by changing the caller ID with each call attempt.


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